Monday, August 31, 2009

Day Trip

On Saturday we took advantage of the
gorgeous weather and drove north to
Tanners Orchard - filled with fun
things to do and delicious food!
Helping mommy pick out mums
Making friends with the llama
Mining for gemstones
Trying to entice the ducks closer...
Hay maze!
Of course she chose the pink tractor...


Looking to mix things up a bit in the
fashion department? Try wearing your
pajama pants on your head...
works for her!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some Assembly Required...

With baby brother's arrival just 5 weeks away
I have been dusting off all of our baby gear -
we purchased a new double stroller called
a sit and stand...we'll see if Reagan actually
wants to sit or stand in it, though...jury is still out!
(I envision myself pushing this beast through malls
and grocery stores as she sprints ahead...)
Umm...maybe we have hit the height
and weight requirement of the pumpkin seat...

Funny Face...

Reagan provides lots of entertainment
at the dinner table.

Birthday #2 Celebration...

We celebrated Reagan's birthday again with
the Bulls this past weekend.
The Birthday girls...just 28 short years apart...
Mmmm Tinkerbell...
I love my new tricycle!
Thanks Aunt Meghan!
OooooOOO Pretty new kicks... with sequins! Fancy! Great Grandma reading me a story... Uncle Brad testing it out...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dig In...

Everyone knows icing is the best part...
Her best Stevie Wonder impersonation...
Her goal is to color every inch of white space...
then she calls it "the dark"

MmmMmm... Cupcakes!

We celebrated Reagan's 2nd Birthday officially
on Tuesday - every princess loves a good cupcake!
Here are some stills from the video we took...
(realizing later that we forg0t to turn the audio on...
so I'll spare you the silent film version!)
Puff, Puff, Puff!
Which one should I eat first?
Let's get a closer look...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lots to see and do...

We had a terrific weekend visiting
with my sis and her kids at my parent's house...
Flying with Calvin and Carly.
(I realize my daughter is wearing a life vest on
a plastic toy airplane...she was waiting her turn
on the
paddle boat...)
Checking out PaPa's wheels...
Such a lady.
Saying hello...
"I just don't like the placement of this one..."
(already Grammie Carla is leaving her mark!)
Cousin Carly stops for a fill up...The gang with Great Grammie and PaPa
The princesses check their hair and makeup.
That's gonna leave a mark...
Taking a break (but not for long...)
PaPa pushing her on the swing set
(think she likes it?)
The train at the Zoo! Her favorite thing!
...the rest of the gang (PaPa is sitting behind us)A relaxing paddleboat ride at dusk...