Tuesday, December 1, 2009

16 lbs. of Love

Yes, that is correct. Our 8 week old officially
weighs 16 pounds and is 25" long.
If you are keeping track that is
7 pounds and 5 1/2" since birth...
I had a talk with him today about cutting back
on the late night feedings...but we'll see how it goes.
Reagan took this photo today on the couch,
pretty good, huh?

Deck the Halls

We put up our tree this week and after 5 long
hours of sorting the branches and adjusting
the lights, we finally got to the ornaments...
Reagan helped for about 5 minutes and
then got bored and moved on to coloring.
(she had just taken a "big girl" drink of my water
if you were wondering about her shirt...)Little brother helped supervise.
Notice the placement of the ornaments...
At this point she let mommy finish up
and attended to her coloring books.

Dancing Queen...

We attended a beautiful wedding this past
weekend for Erika and Mark - and though
there were plenty of adults around it seems
I only took pictures of kids...
The girls on the dance floor.
Reagan's version of "The Robot"
(I am sure someone captured my version on camera also..)
Making a new friend!
Look! Mommy is wearing a dress!
(this doesn't happen often these days...)
Getting properly aquainted with Cindy's help.
Catching a snooze on the way home...
her legs must be tired!