Saturday, May 28, 2011

Road Trip!

We decided to take a little road trip this week
on a cold and windy Thursday to Chicago's
Shedd Aquarium. It was pretty cool,
and a first for all of us!
Bracken just takes it all in... (one of the rare
times he was actually content in the stroller!) 
 Cute Reagan & Daddy photo opportunity...
 The stingrays were pretty awesome...
 This little puffer fish kept swimming over to say hello...
 Bracken tried to shake fins...
 The Coral Reef - impressive!!
 This fish was huge!!
 Reagan was sure to point out the starfish
in case you might miss it!
 This guy was cool, too. He actually sat still
long enough for me to get a decent shot.
With no flash (required) and low lighting
it is the best I could do!
The cafeteria was well lit so I thought
I should take advantage!
Eating $6 hot dogs and
cheeseburgers and smiling about it!?
The fries were tasty....
I hovered around this table for a solid 10 minutes
waiting for a family with a high chair to finish up...
once they finished I threw a sippy cup on it to
tag my find and ran to get Bracken waiting
patiently in the stroller next to the ketchup dispenser.

I saw at least 2 families walk up with
disappointed faces once they realized it was taken.
Competitive parenting at its best!