Monday, October 18, 2010

You've Got Mail.

Reagan often likes to get the mail, but she doesn't
often like to do it in her underwear and flipflops...
in October!
Poor girl didn't even realize mommy had
the camera in her hand when she went out.
(...these are sure to be photos that she will
hate me for in 10 years...)
 Mission accomplished!

Silly Monkeys.

It's rare that these three will sit for a photo together
without one of them screaming in protest.
These are for you, Grammie!
Calvin, Reagan and Carly being silly.

Happy 60th Birthday PaPa Ken!

PaPa turned 60 today, so this past weekend
we all decided to go home for a visit.
He definitely was the star of the show
and had 3 little ones glued to his side at all times...
definitely a full load on the paddle boat!
 Carly and Reagan show off their cattails!
Aunt Laura and Drew enjoy the view by the water.
 Helping open gifts...
   Snuggle time.
 "It took me 60 years to look this good!"
Dad is a t-shirt kind of guy...
 ...his own Slugger!
 Enjoying a beverage in the garage with Bracken
The girls hard at work.
All they needed was a pen and paper to keep busy...
and as luck would have it, the restaurant even
had a big fat pink marker! Score!
Coloring and "making books"
Fast asleep 10 minutes out of the driveway...!
(yes, Reagan still stuffs her blankies in her mouth)

Abstract Art by Reagan

We had our first art show last week...
Reagan created most of the work,
but she was insistent upon including some of
mommy's work too...see if you can pick it out
(it's a trick-or-treating scene - don't laugh).
I think it went pretty well,
we had a good turnout and the 1 year old
crowd seemed to like her work.
...then the silliness began.
 You'll notice Reagan actually has to hold up her
favorite princess gown...this one has seen better days
and is only not worn when it is in the washing machine.
 "I'll take this one...but I can only pay you in trucks."
- Mr. B
 "Her sense of composition and use of
color is extraordinary!" - Mr. B