Saturday, May 28, 2011

Road Trip!

We decided to take a little road trip this week
on a cold and windy Thursday to Chicago's
Shedd Aquarium. It was pretty cool,
and a first for all of us!
Bracken just takes it all in... (one of the rare
times he was actually content in the stroller!) 
 Cute Reagan & Daddy photo opportunity...
 The stingrays were pretty awesome...
 This little puffer fish kept swimming over to say hello...
 Bracken tried to shake fins...
 The Coral Reef - impressive!!
 This fish was huge!!
 Reagan was sure to point out the starfish
in case you might miss it!
 This guy was cool, too. He actually sat still
long enough for me to get a decent shot.
With no flash (required) and low lighting
it is the best I could do!
The cafeteria was well lit so I thought
I should take advantage!
Eating $6 hot dogs and
cheeseburgers and smiling about it!?
The fries were tasty....
I hovered around this table for a solid 10 minutes
waiting for a family with a high chair to finish up...
once they finished I threw a sippy cup on it to
tag my find and ran to get Bracken waiting
patiently in the stroller next to the ketchup dispenser.

I saw at least 2 families walk up with
disappointed faces once they realized it was taken.
Competitive parenting at its best!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fishin' with PaPa

I had a few baby showers to attend
last weekend so we got to spend lots of time
with Grammie Carla and PaPa Kenny.

PaPa and Reagan caught a fish about every two minutes.
Unfortunately, I don't have the same memories of
having this much success while fishing with Dad.
I do recall it being very hot and boring.
I guess he has been practicing!! ;)
They got another one...whahoo!
Good thing PaPa is a pro! 
 Bracken even got to touch the slimy fish.
 Playing with tractors and semi trucks
all weekend long...
 Coloring lovely pictures for Grammie!
 Puzzle time with Great Grandpa Larry!
 A snuggle with Great Grandma Loretta.
(although Reagan calls her
Great Grandma Beretta - like the car)
 I thought this was a peculiar face.
Wonder what she is thinking...?

Last Day of School

It is hard to believe Reagan's first year
of preschool is already over... I imagine the
coming years will fly by just as fast!
I was reprimanded for taking photos on the
first day of school, but apparently there
are different rules for the last day! :)
 Mrs. Betty gets a big hug...
 Reagan even took a photo with me!
(this is a rarity without some silly face)
 I am pretty sure we caught a nose-picker on the far left.
 Reagan and Lennon
(they are holding hands, it was the cutest)
 Mrs. Deb says goodbye!
 We will get to see a lot of Mrs. Betty
this summer...she is our neighbor!
Here they come!
(does anyone spot the twin to my
niece Carly in this photo?)
The brothers had a spectacular time watching the parade.
 Waving like a 4 year old...
(she is sooo ready for school next year ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sprinkler! Sprinkler! SPRINKLER!

Yesterday was an especially balmy and slow day.
What else to do, but frolic in the sprinkler!?!
Bracken just couldn't wait and wiggled away
from me fully clothed... no swim trunks necessary.
He thought it was pretty hilarious.

Park! Park! PARK!

Last week we had a sunny, but still chilly Sunday...
perfect for a walk to the park at Washington School.
(the same school that Reagan yells at when
we drive by: "Mommy! That's where I am
going to school when I am a big guuuuuurl!!"

It's a super fast slide that we don't
recommend without a spotter...
 He digs slides.
 Kind of impressed she didn't fall through...
...this is her weekend hair...
She never lets me comb her hair unless
we are going to school, then it is
worthy of a proper ponytail and barrettes.
 ...not sure how Daddy got in there...
 She's in the doghouse (literally).
 Running with Daddy.
(check out all the gorgeous trees)
 Sitting for just a moment...
 We told Reagan to try to touch the net...
(gotta love her confidence)!
 Running with Mommy
(they are fast little buggers).
 ...not sure what's going on here...
 A bright and sunny photo!