Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blueberry Face and Princess Cheese

All in the Family

We just had a short (but very sweet) visit with
the Muellers when they drove up for the alumni vb match
in Champaign... I think we can all agree there is only
word to summarize the experience as our babies
get more mobile and everyone else gets louder: CHAOS.

What a bunch of grand kids look like in their
pajamas stuffed on a couch:
(Bracken, Reagan, Carly, Drew & Calvin)
What a bunch of grand kids look like
trying to helplessly get off the couch:
Getting the "sillies" out.
Earlier that evening...still trying to get the sillies out.
Cute Drew.
Squeezing the sillies out.
Calvin taking a moment to relax...
Uncle Craig had the sillies.
Oh, they may look sweet...but they are crazy!
Testing Aunt Laura's strength (and core stability).
More sillies.
...and the sillies continue! We considered letting Reagan
sleep in the same room as her cousins...but thought
perhaps this would be the image captured
later at 2:00 am if we went through with the idea.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blowing Out the Candles

Video of Reagan's birthday song, candles and commentary. Pretty cute.
(please disregard the poor singing by mommy and daddy)

A Birthday for Our Princess Turning 3!

Wondering what a 3rd Birthday is all about?
Here is how it all goes down at our house...
(this could be the longest post ever...)
"Breakfast" was birthday waffles complete with
icing and marshmallows (this was also the bribe to
get her into her big girl underwear this morning).
Put pink sprinkles on anything and she will eat it.
Then painting with her new book
(while enjoying strawberries - you know they
cancel out the sugar loaded waffles she just devoured).
Fun time at the park!
(Reagan is too fast these days to snap a pic,
but little brother just loves to swing!)
Refueling at McDonald's
(mommy's favorite, too)
Picking out an extra sweet (and extra large)
butterfly (what else?) birthday balloon...
Being goofy opening cards.
A shot of the cake mommy made secretly after
bedtime the night before...complete with 6 princesses!
I think she liked it...
(Relief...you never know these days what could
send a 3 year old into meltdown mode!)
Yes, we actually let her do this.
(to be truthful, I was sick of the cake
and not looking to have leftovers...)
Mr. B enjoyed it too!
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Love,
Daddy, Mommy & Bracken

Birthday Fun for the Princess - Part One

GG and PaPa Bull came down yesterday to visit
Reagan and kick off her birthday celebration...
The swan princess castle was a favorite!
New clothes for school!
Dora Flora's Birthday DVD!
Doesn't Bracken look thrilled?
Kisses from GG
Cheesin' with PaPa
(always on her tip toes)
Looking so sweet at lunch
with her "smiley face" burger...
...and then chowing down!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To GG and PaPa's House We Go!

We headed home to see GG and PaPa and attend
Aunt Meghan's baby shower...
Reagan was a big help in the kitchen!
Testing the muffin batter...
Helping to decorate before the shower...
Playing with cousin Mya and
(sort of) helping with the gifts...
We can't wait to meet Baby Stella in September!
Posing with her new pink cowboy boots!

All the Silly Faces

Big Boy!
Bracken makes the silliest faces these days...
After months of seeing the "Pillow Pet" commercials
Daddy finally went out and got her one!
Reagan named her Lilly.
(How do you like the little sneak poking
into the corner of the photo?)