Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cutie Patutie Mr. B

This kid melts my heart.
His faces are cracking me up lately...

 ...and I still love how he sleeps with his chubby
little legs curled up underneath him...

The Riverdale Rams Newest Hall of Fame Member Induction!

We went to visit GG and PaPa a few weeks ago
for David's induction into the
Riverdale High School Hall of Fame!
Stopped in at their office to visit
with Great Grandma Marilyn who was
passing through on her way to Iowa for her
GRADE SCHOOL class reunion!
(..she doesn't miss a year!)
Bracken refusing to sit with
Great Grandma Marilyn.  Way to go, son.
(at least she thought it was cute)
Reagan is happy to snuggle with PaPa anytime.
 Looking cute with stickers.
 Hard at work in PaPa's office.
 Reagan even thought Daddy's speech was hilarious! 
 The whole gang after the banquet including
Great Gma Judy and Gpa Earl.
 Being introduced at half time with a
cheerleader on each arm...
(just like the good ole' days)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sweet Stella

Meg & Brad welcomed Stella Mae at 11:34 p.m. lastnight
She weighed in at a solid 8 lbs. 13 ounces
and is sweet as can be!
Cousins Reagan and Bracken did not get to
meet her in person because of the kid restriction
on the floor, but they were excited anyway!
Reagan says she does not want Stella
to be her cousin, she wants to be her friend.
Proud Mommy.
Great Grandma Judy got some cuddle time...
GG did not stop smiling (or crying ;)
GG and PaPa welcome another grandbaby!
(sorry no pictures of proud Daddy Brad
he went home to feed the cats...)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Cuteness

The best seat in the house.
What a silly face. Not sure what
she was doing, but it made Daddy laugh.
(I think that was the point)
Big helpers folding the laundry.
Bracken's first carousel ride at the zoo!
(we call him "The Boss" when he wears his jumpsuit
...he looks especially tough riding a large bunny)
Sitting Pretty.

First Day of Skewl.

We had our first day of preschool last Thursday!
(or, as Reagan pronounces it "skewl")
She has been talking about it for days
and was so excited to finally get to go!
Showing off the princess pack.
Being goofey loofey.
(Yes, I actually took this photo, I am that mom...)
Putting away her backpack with the
help of Mrs. Betty (who also happens to be
our next door neighbor, pretty cool!)
This shot I stole while waiting outside the door
to pick her up. Me and the other moms were
scolded for "hovering" in the doorway in plain sight.
(I wasn't alone, I swear!)
Next time, we have to wait in the hallway.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Knock on the Door...

David and I got to take a little getaway this past weekend
to Door County, WI without diaper bags (or kids)!
Just boarded the ferry to Washington Island.
Nice, huh?
Doesn't he looked relaxed?
One of the many stops on our bike trek
(since there was nobody around to snap a pic,
I used a twig to set up this shot - first try!)
The small white speck is David.
I was out for a leisurely bike, but he has
to make everything into a competition.
YUM! Breakfast at my new favorite Al Johnson's!
Meatballs? For breakfast? Yes, please.
The wait staff's outfits were complete with wooden clogs. they had goats on their roof.  What could be better?
Scenes from our guided boat tour...
David thought it would look
more nautical if he popped his collar.
Bon Voyage!