Monday, November 15, 2010

Scenes from Around the House

A bunch of silly photos from around the house...
Almost time for bed.
 What a charmer!
(yes, that IS a princess carriage at his side...
but don't worry, I can Photoshop a really masculine
truck in it's place if he ever runs for public office)
 Showing off her pearly whites
(and the space between them). 
 Oops! She was twirling and fell on the floor.
Unfortunately she has her mother's sense
of balance on the dance floor.
 This is his goofy face.
 Reagan showing off her crayon Halloween
costume for the school parade...
(which she was sick for and missed :(
 Caught in the act.
Bracken routinely cleans out our pots and pans
but this is the first time he actually climbed inside
the cabinet to do it. If I ever lose him in the house,
I know where to look...

He Walks!

Bracken has been walking around the house for a few weeks now...
(it is super cute)
but I just recently took some video that is worthy of sharing.
He hits the floor as soon I grab my camera so I usually end up
with an exciting 2-3 minute clip of him sitting there
looking at me funny while I chatter
"Walk! Come on, Walk! Walk, Bracken Walk!".
He seems pretty pleased to have made a fool of his mother...