Monday, February 20, 2012

Monster Jam Tongue Twisters

I haven't posted a video in awhile... but Bracken trying
to say all the names of his Monster Trucks is pretty cute.

A Day in the Sun (in February)!

A sunny, 60 degree day in February
is a good reason to get outside!
Bracken climbs the "mountain"
(which is only about 5 feet tall)!
 Reagan takes a moment to ponder...
 Yes, we must splash in every single puddle.
 Being goofy.
Demonstrating the "Superman"!

Catching Up With Technology

I have a growing collection of photos taken on my
phone that rarely get uploaded to my computer...
here are a few from the last month.
We do actually leave the house once in awhile!

In January we decided to buy a pass to our
Children's Disovery Museum and it has become
a regular visit every Thursday after school
with some of Reagan and Bracken's classmates.
Reagan awaits a dental checkup from the triplets :)
 This is typically where Bracken is stationed
for the duration of the visit.
Wooden cars and trains, who would have guessed?
 Reagan preparing a birthday cake in the bakery.
 Bracken is taking a turn in the full size tractor that
they have modified to be kid-friendly. 
 This is what happens if we don't leave the house
for a few days...they eventually turn on each other.
 Big smiles for Daddy when he gets home!!