Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunny Days

We had some beautiful days last week so we
took advantage of the sunshine...I think she was
excited to be outside, can you tell?
Beeb Love.

Quality time

Further attempts at getting a cute photo of the kids together...
Reagan making a run for it...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


 We have had a crafty week.
Reagan modeling the necklace she made!
Mommy's version of an elephant.
Not only is she obsessed with drawing faces...
but she even creates them in PlayDoh!
She chose her color scheme very carefully...
(grabbed a handful of beads from the jar when
I asked her what colors she wanted)!
I think it is eclectic.
So excited about the finished product! Lovely!

Catchy Tune

I haven't uploaded a video in awhile,
but this one is worth sharing.
Can you guess what Reagan's favorite commercial is?
(hint... she loves the talking cats!)
Click below to listen to her jingle.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Macaroni and Cheese

YUM. We love macaroni and cheese.
Check out the pigtails and painted nails!
(thanks for starting the trend, cousin Carly!)
Mr. B watching Reagan enjoy her macaroni and cheese
and wishing he could be eating macaroni and cheese
too instead of squash with carrots.
(please note: the sleeper he is relaxing in Reagan didn't
wear until 9 months...he is only 5 months old,
but I totally get the "trying to top" what big sis does...
totally, get it. :)

Doodles Doodles Doodles

In the last few weeks Reagan has drawn some
pretty cool stuff... since the MagnaDoodle
can quickly be erased I am trying to
capture some of her creations on camera
(stealing the MagnaDoodle for just a second
to snap a pic proves to be a difficult task...)
Our little artist at work:
"Silly Guy"
"The Sun"
"A Princess!"
"A Bug"
I never really had a knack for drawing
(I have to admit, I am a little jealous of her skills)...
Actually, some of these images are better than
what I used to hang up on the wall
in my college studio critiques! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Week of Playdates...

This past week we spent 5 days at Grammie Carla and
PaPa Ken's house while Daddy was out of town...
filled with games, princesses, cars, trucks, swimming,
jumping, running, screaming, eating... and the list goes on!
Carly, Aunt Laura, Reagan and Calvin take
a break from Candyland.
Drew, Carly, Reagan and Bracken share
a moment on the couch...
Grammie Carla gets a smile from Bracken...
Reagan keeps up with the boys!
Bracken enjoying some time on the floor!
(I worked hard to get this smile...)
Carly and Bracken dance in the morning...
PaPa Ken, Calvin and Reagan reading and drawing
Carly, Calvin and Reagan chill on the recliner..
(notice her pretty nails!)
Drew and Bracken spending some quality time...
Silly girls Carly and Reagan
There are no photos of me, but I can tell you
how I looked - exhausted! :) Too much fun!

Feathered Friends

Last week I discovered an empty water jug
so we decided to make a bird feeder
for our feathered friends...
Yes, those are fruit loops...
Reagan waiting patiently for them to come...
(I am pretty sure they like whole grains,
just not so sure they like them neon colored!)