Monday, November 29, 2010

War Wounds

Bracken: 0
Coffee Table: 1

We had a scare last weekend after Bracken went
crashing into the corner of the table... our first
emergency room visit as a family. It was so special.

Fortunately, though there was a decent amount of
blood and crying (most of the crying done by Reagan)
he walked away with no stitches...
just a little skin glue and a sweet cut that looks
like somebody tagged him with a right hook.
You should see the other guy.
Tough kid. The doctor called in 2 nurses to help
hold him down while she cleaned and glued him
back together again.  Not necessary - he laid
there smiling and cooing at her the whole time.
Quite the ladies man, this one.

Santa's Parade of Lights

 After reviewing my photos from the weekend
I realized I really only took shots from when we
visited my parents and took the kids to the
Christmas Parade in Breese.  Not coincidentally,
the less time I have with Bracken, the more
photos I take. This also explains why you don't
see the little guy...he was home with Grammie
and PaPa staying warm and toasty. 
Something catches her eye coming down the line. 
 She looks a little miffed as she gives
the passing tractor a faint wave after
receiving NO candy from him...
 We replenished our diminishing bead supply.
 The crew braving the cold:
Daddy, Reagan, Uncle Craig,
Aunt Laura, Cousin Calvin and Cousin Carly
This shot reminds me of the movie
"A Christmas Story"
and the parade scene...
"Can we go see Santa yet, mom?
Can we? Can we?"
Happy with her goodies...
I should have known that when Daddy had to
lift her onto Santa's lap rather than under her
own free will that we were in trouble...
Tears. Streaming down her face.
She was terrified. It was not good.
She was excited until the moment she realized
she was going to sit on his lap.
We should have just taken the coloring book
and went on our merry way.
(also reminds me of the movie
"A Christmas Story" when Randy screams on
Santa's lap and he replies;
"Uh Oh, okay. Get him out of here...")
Maybe next year.

Reagan's Renderings

Reagan happens to be obsessed with drawing faces
and figures (or more accurately... princesses).
She sometimes draws them with "lipstick" which is
the curly upper lip and full bottom rather
than just the traditional "U" shape.
She also is experimenting with hair length:
short, long and curly.
"Princess #1"
(this one has wings)
 I like the abstract and simple nature of this one.
 "Princess #2"
(this one is wearing earrings)
 "Princess #3"
(this one seems to have an unusual
caterpillar body, but I didn't mention it)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Scenes from Around the House

A bunch of silly photos from around the house...
Almost time for bed.
 What a charmer!
(yes, that IS a princess carriage at his side...
but don't worry, I can Photoshop a really masculine
truck in it's place if he ever runs for public office)
 Showing off her pearly whites
(and the space between them). 
 Oops! She was twirling and fell on the floor.
Unfortunately she has her mother's sense
of balance on the dance floor.
 This is his goofy face.
 Reagan showing off her crayon Halloween
costume for the school parade...
(which she was sick for and missed :(
 Caught in the act.
Bracken routinely cleans out our pots and pans
but this is the first time he actually climbed inside
the cabinet to do it. If I ever lose him in the house,
I know where to look...

He Walks!

Bracken has been walking around the house for a few weeks now...
(it is super cute)
but I just recently took some video that is worthy of sharing.
He hits the floor as soon I grab my camera so I usually end up
with an exciting 2-3 minute clip of him sitting there
looking at me funny while I chatter
"Walk! Come on, Walk! Walk, Bracken Walk!".
He seems pretty pleased to have made a fool of his mother...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trick or Treat

To start off our Halloween festivities last weekend
we visited Daddy's office on Friday and
charmed his coworkers out of their candy stash.
The King of the Jungle
was a big hit with the ladies.
 Reagan then gave a riveting presentation
on the importance of including chocolate
in your candy bowl for trick-or-treaters.
 On a chilly Halloween night we visited
a few neighbors... The Lion only lasted
a few houses, but Sleeping Beauty
was ready to go all night!
 This guy had an awesome Pirate setup...
who knew we lived just down the
street from Johnny Depp? 
 The Lion only agreed to stay in his wagon
if we provided a steady stream of suckers.
 Taking off with her treats... she insisted that
neither of us could accompany
her to the door and protested if we
didn't wait on the sidewalk.
(is she embarrassed of us already?)
 It was cold, very cold - but you can't
expect Sleeping Beauty to cover up
her gown with some silly coat!
He is thinking I don't see his head
peeking up over the corner of the table
and stealing the loot.