Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun in the Sun

I am exhausted. There are some parks
that have free water features open
to the public here in town. We visited many
last summer. This was my first visit by
myself with both of the kids.
I may pass the next time Reagan
asks me to go. Mommy needs a nap.
Mr. B was so intrigued by the water
shooting up from the ground!
(what you don't see in these photos is
Reagan sprinting away from me to
play on the playground next door -
let's just say that running, climbing and
very tall slides don't really mix
with wet suits and slippery flip flops...)

Basement Renovation Complete!

So...we finally have a basement!!
(correction - we always had one but not
one that anyone would want to spend
more than the time it takes to run downstairs to do
some laundry and hustle back up again...
it was a dark, smelly, 70's paneling,
musty, gross carpet, horror movie type place...)
I dug up some old photos from when we first
moved in to prove it...join me for a tour!
Before Stairwell.
(walls are not yellow - more greenish khaki)
Before laundry area (to the left of stairs hidden behind a lovely curtain)
Before - to the right of stairs)
After! (new play area originally was going
to be poker area... me and kids won this one...)
After. Really like our cutout...eventually
planning for a fooseball table on the closet side...
had to work around that darn support pole!
Before. Behind the stairs... (gross!)
After. (hooray!)
Even Walter Payton found a new home
and is happy to be out of his box...
The view you would have if you were to
spend an evening at the Bull residence...
(futon use is complementary and
included with your stay)