Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Frolick

After many days of dreary rain, today we
spent some time outside in the sun!
Look at this big stick, mommy!
Feeding Belvedire the stick...
Leaf Inspection. Pumpkin Inspection.
(they were devoured by the squirrels this year...)
Checking in on baby brother...still sleeping.
Kissing our neighbor's frog.
In the trees... favorite season!
(minus the raking - which is pointless until they all fall)

Sweet Kisses from Sis

Reagan loves to give kisses and hugs...
doesn't he look thrilled?Come a little closer...
I think the shirt says it all...
This is a bad picture, but it accurately captures
my point of view from the couch...
Bracken on my lap with Reagan racing
around making mischief!
Easy does it... our little (pantsless) builder.