Friday, October 1, 2010

Blue Icing Stains Carpets.

Thought I might include some actual photos to
commemorate the cake demolishing that occurred
last night (and also because in the video it just
looks like a flaming pile of icing...)
Why, it's Mickey Mouse!

The proud cake creators...
 By this point the sugar had hit us...
(notice Reagan's blue tongue, she was
in charge of the tasting)
 Sadly, we had no Mickey Mouse figurine...
but we made up for it by making it in the shape of his head
didn't think Bracken would mind much, anyway.
His first taste...
...I don't think so...

 Happy 1st Birthday Mr. B!
Love you lots - Mommy, Daddy and Sis
STAT UPDATE: I doubled dipped and took
both kids to their checkups today:
Bracken at 1 year:
27 lbs 13 ounces and 32 1/4" in height
Reagan at 3 years:
37 lbs and 39 1/2" in height
(wondering how long she will actually
be able to call him "little" brother)

Bracken the Birthday Boy

We celebrated Bracken's very first birthday yesterday!
(hard to believe our little guy has been around that long)
We had cake and presents when Daddy got home last night
and I can say it was a genius idea to introduce new toys
to the kids and fill them with sugar right before bed.

In hindsight, I probably also would use less candles.
Technically he only needed one, but spelling out
happy birthday in flames seemed like such a cool idea in the store...
(cute kids, yummy cake and bad singing in the video to follow)