Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Foods

Since Bracken cut his first tooth this past
weekend we thought it might be appropriate
to try it out on some real food...
MmmMmm... Baby Oatmeal
(which basically looks like dust that you add a bit of water to)
Reagan seemed to like it okay.
...a typical first dinner...
(more on the bib and less in the belly)
Not so much... Hmm... I suspect he liked the taste of
his bib better than the oatmeal.
Oh well - better luck next time, big guy.

All in the Family

This week we got a few shots of the grownups
in the house...not doing much, really.
(which is why we aren't usually in the photos)
Mr. D and Mr. B just chillin'
Reagan just looked too cute...had to post it.
What a stinker.
I always seem to get him on the couch
wearing horizontal stripes and staring at me blankly
...again with the camera, mom?
She has a bit of crazy in her, I know...

Teething is Tough.

Guess who cut his first tooth this past weekend?
This Guy.
Reagan consoling him through the pain...
Playtime on the floor...Yes, Reagan is celebrating
Mardi Gras by wearing the traditional beads.
This is Reagan's usual bedhead when she
first gets up in the morning...it still looks like
this at night, too, if we don't happen to
leave the house that day.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everyone in the Hot Tub!

Reagan likes to take her Disney Princess dolls for
a dip in the sink every so often...
usually when mommy is cooking dinner
so I have to shield myself from the overspray.
Ariel gets a rinse...
Hard at work.
Even Sleeping Beauty gets clean.

Cardio and Strength Training

Bracken's daily workout plan involves a few minutes
in the Jungle Jumper... it really works out his legs
and thighs (which need a bit of toning).

Magna Doodle Doodles

Reagan's doodles are actually beginning to look
like stuff. She mostly draws smiley faces
and sometimes mad faces depending on her mood...
this was a happy day.
She said this next one was Baby Bracken...
all swaddled up!
(pretty accurate given that he still doesn't have
much hair
and slightly resembles a thumb in body shape...)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is this the same kid?

Suddenly, Bracken looks very grown up
to me in this photo...
Aww...there's my baby...
I love when they sleep with their arms up.
I tried it the other day... not comfortable.

The Jungle Jumper Returns!

We dusted off the old jungle jumper
this week to see how Mr. B would like it.
His big sis was a huge fan back in her prime...
Reagan at 5 months
(...just in case the pink didn't give it away...)

Somehow I just don't think she is
enjoying it as much as she used to.

Mr. B checking things out...
The fairy princess was very helpful
in showing him all the bells and whistles.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stat Update

At Bracken's 4 month checkup this week
he weighed in at a solid 19 lbs. 6 ounces
and 28 inches in length...
we are proud to report he is back
"on the charts"!
(officially in the 95th percentile)