Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Conversation with a 7 month old...

This is usually how it goes.
We chat and then he gets distracted by important things the carpet.
STATS: At Bracken's 7 month checkup last week he weighed in at
a sizeable 22.5 lbs and 29.5" in length
(95% weight, 95% height, 95% head circumference)
I was pleased to hear that he is well-proportioned!

Drool Monkey

What a busy guy!
It's no wonder he eats so much.
Documenting Mr. B's block time the other day...
Look at that belly!
I think this is proof that patterned shirts
are a fashion don't for a pudgey midsection... 
Drool all over the place...but he doesn't seem to mind.

More than just books...

Reagan's favorite activity at the library are
the touchscreen narrated books...
I think because she can do them herself.
(we are upon the "independent" stage...)
Hey, handsome!
Notice those two teeth...very sharp.
This kid was cracking her up...
I think they laughed for a solid 15 minutes.