Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Easter Bunny Strikes Again.

We finally dyed eggs the night before Easter.
"Reagan give mommy a pretty smile!"
...this is what I get now...
 Second try... not much better.
(yes, I realize her jammies are way too small
but she insists on wearing them... fortunately the
Easter Bunny bought her some new
ones shortly after this photo was taken)
 Bracken was such a help...
he kept trying to drink from the cups.
Not a good idea, son. Not a good idea.
 I wanted to get photos of the kids
actually finding their baskets this year...
but David suggested I "live in the moment"
(code for put your darn camera away!)
so all I have are these still shots
that I took shortly before.

Not quite what I was going for but I do
remember the moment and it was really fun.
 After church we ate donuts on the patio
while Daddy mowed the lawn. :)
 Want some?
 Bunny Love.
All kidding aside, we had a wonderful,
happy and sunny day at home...
Happy Easter to all of our friends and family!!

Daddy Gets Older...

I won't say how old Daddy is,
but he is really, really old. I don't even
think Reagan can count that high yet.

But it was a great party... we made
Chicago Bears cupcakes,
wore party hats and got some
super loud noisemakers
(that mysteriously disappeared
shortly after dinner).
 Crazy Face.
 There was just no time to unwrap it...
 The only way to muffle the sound...