Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Photos

This is how Bracken helps me put
away groceries. He scoots around the
kitchen on the coffee cans, giggling.
 A quiet moment on the couch...
(she looks contemplative)
 We look like real live grownups!
(David was thrilled I did not wear my v-necks
and yoga pants to the wedding...)

Cars go Vrooooom!!

The sound effects while he plays are quite funny...
but I think I captured his emotion.
 They are especially speedy on the wood floors...
 Sis enjoys a waffle in the background.
 But she is finally ready to play!
 Happy to report there were no princesses
involved in this 20 minutes of playtime!
(except one, of course - her!)

Boy Toys...

Bracken has developed an obsession lately with
any small figurines he can fish out of the toy box.
His two favorites are Buzz and Woody from Toy Story
(which we picked up with our 600 tickets
at Chuck E. Cheese on New Year's Eve).
He also confiscated two princes from
Reagan's Precious Places Castle to complete the set
(we won't tell her they are missing).
I wonder what little scenes he
is acting out in his head with these guys?

Extended Christmas

We had GG and PaPa come and visit us a few
weeks ago to celebrate Christmas...
Reagan checking out the goods!
 Giving her new touch screen tablet a shot
(It's like the Kindle for kids...she has a special
Disney Princess CD that she taught me how
to use...she figured it out right from the box!)
 We call this his "Candy Cane Hair"...
 Digging his new rocking horse!
(David had one just like it)
 And loving the cowboy hat that comes with it...
 Reagan was not in the mood for photos...
 Playing catch with PaPa Dave
 What a handsome cowboy!
 Enjoying her new book "Tangled"
(which we read at least 3 times a day!)
Thanks GG and PaPa!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ringing in the New Year... Chuck E. Cheese!
If you are looking for a wild New Year's Eve
party filled with overstimulated kids, so-so pizza
and all the unlimited non-alcoholic drinks you
can handle - this is the place!
Oh, and I didn't even mention the games yet...
 Barney was a hit with Reagan
although we never watch his show.
(I think she was just looking
for a place to sit down)
 Bracken checks out the blue screen camera.
 Reagan takes a turn...and isn't so sure about it.
 She was a little weirded out to
see herself on t.v. next to that bunny thing...
(I think she actually thought he was behind her)
 ...and it was a little loud in the playland...
(notice her hands covering her ears)
 Daddy showing him how it's done.
 Standing as close as possible without getting booted
off the stage by Chuck's enormous wingspan!
(I wonder how many kids have
been thrown to the ground while
posing for this same photo...?)
 Bracken refused to get off the stage,
even after the curtains closed.
 Making a new friend.
 I'm sure this is an appropriate game...
There was actually a sign hanging on it
reading "MILD" violence. What kind of violence
that involves guns is really all that mild, I ask?
 Mr. B patiently waiting his turn.
 ...he just keeps coming back for more...
 The whole gang all wired from the caffeine...
(there were others in our group with
kids but I am proud to say that we were
the last ones standing at 9:30 pm!)

Post Holiday Goofing Off

PaPa Kenny, Grammie Carla and Uncle Matt
came to visit after Christmas and Bracken
provided the entertainment.
He is super goofy and even got PaPa out of his chair...
(see video below)