Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blueberry Face and Princess Cheese

All in the Family

We just had a short (but very sweet) visit with
the Muellers when they drove up for the alumni vb match
in Champaign... I think we can all agree there is only
word to summarize the experience as our babies
get more mobile and everyone else gets louder: CHAOS.

What a bunch of grand kids look like in their
pajamas stuffed on a couch:
(Bracken, Reagan, Carly, Drew & Calvin)
What a bunch of grand kids look like
trying to helplessly get off the couch:
Getting the "sillies" out.
Earlier that evening...still trying to get the sillies out.
Cute Drew.
Squeezing the sillies out.
Calvin taking a moment to relax...
Uncle Craig had the sillies.
Oh, they may look sweet...but they are crazy!
Testing Aunt Laura's strength (and core stability).
More sillies.
...and the sillies continue! We considered letting Reagan
sleep in the same room as her cousins...but thought
perhaps this would be the image captured
later at 2:00 am if we went through with the idea.