Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Friend...

Reagan made a new friend last week
when our dear friend Julie welcomed
baby Blythe...I am trying to get
her used to other babies... She mostly
just points at them and informs the mother:
"Baby cry" or "Baby sleepy"
Which is good, at least I'll know what
is going on when #2 comes around...
Sweet Blythe napping in the sun...

A Pretty Day

Last week before we got all this rain
we actually had a few really nice days...
Reagan enjoys hanging out in the front
yard and picking up sticks.
Showing Payton some love...
Telling mommy that our muddy front yard
is "gross" and "ewwy"
(thank you, sweetheart we know and are
praying that the sod gods are good to us this year...)
Smelling the pretty flowers
Strike a pose, Vogue style...