Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trick or Treat

To start off our Halloween festivities last weekend
we visited Daddy's office on Friday and
charmed his coworkers out of their candy stash.
The King of the Jungle
was a big hit with the ladies.
 Reagan then gave a riveting presentation
on the importance of including chocolate
in your candy bowl for trick-or-treaters.
 On a chilly Halloween night we visited
a few neighbors... The Lion only lasted
a few houses, but Sleeping Beauty
was ready to go all night!
 This guy had an awesome Pirate setup...
who knew we lived just down the
street from Johnny Depp? 
 The Lion only agreed to stay in his wagon
if we provided a steady stream of suckers.
 Taking off with her treats... she insisted that
neither of us could accompany
her to the door and protested if we
didn't wait on the sidewalk.
(is she embarrassed of us already?)
 It was cold, very cold - but you can't
expect Sleeping Beauty to cover up
her gown with some silly coat!
He is thinking I don't see his head
peeking up over the corner of the table
and stealing the loot.