Sunday, December 11, 2011

Halloween Parade, Monkeys and a Tree!

Reagan's School held their yearly
Halloween Parade around the block..
the 4's class were Gumball Machines!
 (of course the hat came off immediately ;)
 Always in a princess gown..
 They were both napping when I heard a commotion...
I came up the stairs and saw both of them
jumping like monkeys in his crib.
They thought it was pretty hilarious.
(upon second look I notice that he just happens
to be wearing a Curious George fitting!)
 Going into combat any day now,
so you've got to be prepared!
 On this day Reagan assured me that
she didn't need a nap...
Our Christmas Tree!!
 The kids crawled underneath to look up at the lights...
(I remember doing this with my brother
and sister when I was a kid, too...
you should try it if you haven't,
it's pretty cool)
 Up close and personal with the tree
(while munching an apple).
 Actually sitting quiet in the chair
looking at "Monster Rucks"!
(this doesn't happen often)
 Our attempt at christmas cookies.
(courtesy of GG and PaPa)
Not sure what is going on with the hot dogs,
but the cookies were a delicious mess!!

Trick or Treat!

We did some serious trick-or-treating this year.
We thought we might just go down the street and back
and found ourselves (sprinting) all over the neighborhood.
The kids brought home quite the stash of candy...
(we are still working our way through it!)
Me and my lil' sailor!
 Rapunzel sprinted out the door
and began her quest for candy.
 Silly Daddy.
 We actually got out of the house about 10 minutes
before the "official" start time for trick-or-treating.
So, like any good parent we made the kids
sit on the curb and wait it out.
 Just being goofy.
 Popeye was a hit! He was thrilled not
to be stuck in a wagon like last year...
 He really has the look down, doesn't he?
...on to the next house! 
 The major benefit to Reagan about Halloween
this year was that she scored another
princess gown to add to her collection.

Feeling Artsy

Every so often I find these funny little drawings
in Reagan's backpack from school or hiding
in a drawer (she is a bit of a hoarder).
This one was created with those silly
face stickers at school - I got a kick
out of her little "family".
 "Pretty Lady"
 "Pink Flamingo by the Water"
(pulled this out of my planner - she drew it months ago)
 Bracken posing in front of
our Wall O' Art
 "Crazy Pumpkin"
(one of my favorites)
 She drew this pic of Lennon - one of her friends ;)
 "Turkey at Night"
 "Silly Guy" wishing you a Happy Halloween!
 "Dog with Spots"
 We splurged and got her some paints...
She worked on this little masterpiece
for about 25 minutes.
 "Rapunzel" (she even has green eyes!)
 "Car Driving at Night"