Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two is Better Than One.

 This could be a record for postings... I'm off to bed!

Swing the Day Away...

Daddy and three of his very closest friends
spent 8 hours on Saturday constructing a play set
in our backyard! I may have been more
excited than the kids about its arrival...
it has been a long, cold winter!
Bracken just couldn't wait.
 Having fun!
The play set in all of its glory! 
(sorry for the poor photo quality..pretty sure my
camera got stepped on at some point in the midst
of all the excitement and switched to the video setting)
 Reagan demonstrates a good way to come
down the slide (notice Bracken sneaking up
the ladder - not to worry - just moments after
this photo I raced over to spot him) 
 Bracken refused to look at the camera.
I took several shots ;)
 Foot in your face!
 Such graceful form on the swing...
 Can you tell she likes it?
...more photos of Daddy on the play set to come!


Grammie Carla planned a special recipe
for the older kids to try this past weekend...
 Bird's Nests!
 Calvin, Reagan and Carly hard at work.
(it was serious business) 
 Drew and Bracken enjoyed a healthier snack...
(anything to keep them strapped in)
Reagan was sampling the goods.
 Carly's turn to dip the Peeps. 
 Calvin's turn to dip the Peeps.
 Reagan's turn to.......?
(if you said dip the Peeps you are right!)

Family Weekend

Here are a few shots from the rest of our visit
with Grammie Carla and PaPa Kenny.

Me and my girl.
 PaPa and Reagan checking out the dock.
 Practicing numbers with PaPa's help
PaPa and Reagan snuggle on the glider :)
Grandma Loretta received a visit from us, too!
(though we were small in numbers,
she still got a lot of love!) 
 Laughing at Bracken who was being goofy...
 ...talking to the dog (who talks back!).
 Enjoying lunch...
Cheetos and Tootsie Roll Pops
(don't tell Aunt Laura).
 Grandma was so happy to see us!
While we were there The Villas was hosting a
quilt show and we got to see another one of
Grandma's creations crafted with love...
(I use the one she gave us for our wedding often)
she had submitted a quilt from 1981 that
she stitched for a family member's wedding.

A Sweet Visit with Great Grandpa Larry

We went to see Great Grandpa Larry when we were
home with Grammie Carla and PaPa Kenny...
I think he was pretty entertained by our crew!
He is so loving and gentle with the kids...
I saw him spend time with each one,
talking with them and smiling.
We heart Great Grandpa Larry.

I like this photo because it looks like
Drew and Bracken are in serious conversation!
( serious as one year olds can be)
 All the boys hang out a bit.
Calvin and Bracken
No kicking at the table, boys!
 Carly and Reagan enjoy the organ.
(which thankfully was unplugged!)
 Me, Grandpa and Mom sitting by the window.
 Reagan, Calvin, Grandpa, Grammie Carla,
Drew, Bracken and Carly all sitting at the same time!
 Mom and Grandpa :)
 A BALL! Bracken's favorite thing!!
(my only photo including Aunt Laura.. ;)
 The cool bird cage!
(Bracken kept quacking at them)
 The oldest grand kids
Calvin, Carly and Reagan.