Tuesday, August 10, 2010

To GG and PaPa's House We Go!

We headed home to see GG and PaPa and attend
Aunt Meghan's baby shower...
Reagan was a big help in the kitchen!
Testing the muffin batter...
Helping to decorate before the shower...
Playing with cousin Mya and
(sort of) helping with the gifts...
We can't wait to meet Baby Stella in September!
Posing with her new pink cowboy boots!

All the Silly Faces

Big Boy!
Bracken makes the silliest faces these days...
After months of seeing the "Pillow Pet" commercials
Daddy finally went out and got her one!
Reagan named her Lilly.
(How do you like the little sneak poking
into the corner of the photo?)

Silly Swaddler

Reagan used to love to be swaddled up, nice and tight.
She was being silly the other night after her bath and
asked me to wrap her up.  She also requested
Bracken's pacifier which he thought was quite peculiar...
Perhaps she is getting a little too big for this?
(I had to use a 5' x 7' blanket)