Friday, July 29, 2011

4th Birthday Parties are the Best!

We went to a 4th birthday party
this week for our friend Abby...
Star Wars light sabers, pools, slides,
water balloons and princess cupcakes!
What more could a girl ask for?


 Playing with the big boys...

Blueberry Morning

Although it appears Bracken is eating raw meat
it's actually blueberries and they were
quite delicious! Our little vampire...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A New Cousin...

Surprise! Grammie Carla and PaPa Kenny
got a new dog (had you fooled, didn't I?)
We welcome Mickey to the family.
He is super furry and super cute.
Reagan and Mickey became fast friends.
Bracken was bored by him because he
didn't want to play trucks.
 I think we wore him out...

Refrigerator Gallery

We have been hard at work in the arts and crafts
department lately... Reagan's drawings now come
with quite imaginative narration.
This is Reagan and her cat.
 Reagan walking her cat.
(note her hand and the leash off to the right)
 A lion and a dinosaur head.
The lion is wearing a band aid.
(it has not been confirmed if the dino attacked him)
 Reagan dancing with lots of sparkles and hearts!
(the girl loves drawing sparkles and hearts)
  A heart birthday cake complete with candles.
(which is fitting because we have recently started
talking about her upcoming birthday...
and she has very specific ideas about her cake)
 A lovely tropical fish from school and HER NAME!
(I love the way she does her "R"
and refuse to correct it)
 Almost coloring inside the lines...
(of course, did I even have to tell you?)
 Reagan dancing.
(she does a lot of self portraits)
 Happy Reagan.
(I think that is mommy in the corner
and I am honored to be included in her art!)