Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back to School

Another school year has begun!
Reagan is attending the 4's morning class
4 mornings per week +
Bracken goes to the Toddler Room
2 mornings per week
= Mommy gets 5 total hours in
the week to do whatever she wants! :)

These shots were taken on the first school day
in early September. Reagan couldn't get to
school fast enough to see all of her friends
from last year, but Bracken took a week or two
to warm up.  The first week Miss Laura asked
me if he is really quiet at home (I laughed).
He is anything but quiet!
I am pretty sure the comedian in him is
starting to come out, and he is really
enjoying his new friends.

August into September...

Somebody got a new Princess bike for her birthday
(it wasn't me :)
 GG, PaPa, Meghan and Stella
came to wish Reagan a Happy Bday!
 ... Stella gets a little help from her cousin ...
 A self-portrait (one of many!).
 Bracken eating cereal with "whee-Ooo" cars.
 Those crunchberries must have
been misbehaving!
 He thinks it's hilarious, of course.

Recap: what we have been doing for the last three months!

Well, what can I say? Shortly after my last
post we celebrated Reagan's birthday,
then school started and the rest is just a blur...
We put up our Christmas tree today and I took some
cute photos. I thought, perhaps, that I might fill in
the gap a bit before I skip over the last 3 months.

Starting with the crowning of Princess Reagan
on August 18th, her 4th birthday!
(thanks to Bea for taking these awesome photos!)