Monday, June 1, 2009

The Bulls Visit Niabi Zoo

We went to visit David's family this past
weekend and had a busy time.
Saturday was a beautiful day so we
packed up and headed for Niabi Zoo!
On the road again...
Scoping out the elephants with PaPa Dave
Feeding the fishies and ducks...
Monkeying around with Daddy!
The Petting Zoo...
The open air bird cage with GG
First taste of cotton candy...
(it wasn't nearly as hot as it appears...
mommy just went nuts with the sunscreen)
Digging the carousel
So excited to be on the "Choo Choo"
A cool treat after a long day.

A Comfy Seat

Last week after shopping I left
some paper towels and toilet paper in
the dining room so Reagan and Payton
claimed it as their special little seat.
I imagine it to be extra fluffy
and soft, just like the packaging said.
What you can't see are David's hands
...we do not have a bipedal cat.
Naptime, perhaps? Doubt it.