Monday, February 20, 2012

Monster Jam Tongue Twisters

I haven't posted a video in awhile... but Bracken trying
to say all the names of his Monster Trucks is pretty cute.

A Day in the Sun (in February)!

A sunny, 60 degree day in February
is a good reason to get outside!
Bracken climbs the "mountain"
(which is only about 5 feet tall)!
 Reagan takes a moment to ponder...
 Yes, we must splash in every single puddle.
 Being goofy.
Demonstrating the "Superman"!

Catching Up With Technology

I have a growing collection of photos taken on my
phone that rarely get uploaded to my computer...
here are a few from the last month.
We do actually leave the house once in awhile!

In January we decided to buy a pass to our
Children's Disovery Museum and it has become
a regular visit every Thursday after school
with some of Reagan and Bracken's classmates.
Reagan awaits a dental checkup from the triplets :)
 This is typically where Bracken is stationed
for the duration of the visit.
Wooden cars and trains, who would have guessed?
 Reagan preparing a birthday cake in the bakery.
 Bracken is taking a turn in the full size tractor that
they have modified to be kid-friendly. 
 This is what happens if we don't leave the house
for a few days...they eventually turn on each other.
 Big smiles for Daddy when he gets home!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paintin' the Day Away

 A new paint set makes for a happy afternoon! 
 Her creations...
"Monster Truck" for Bracken!
 "Reagan with sun and hearts" for Mommy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Go You Redbirds!!

Look what David found in the basement...
somebody thinks it's pretty cool!
 "Daddy can I wear it?"
 Here goes!
So tough! Look at those MUSCLES!!
 Getting his balance...
What a big boy!!
 Don't mess with me!
 Time for a water break.
(pretty funny watching him try to take a drink)

January Happenings...

Not much is happening in January...
the kids are back to school and
the weather is cold again.
Oh yeah, and the typical Tuesday night
Piggy Back Extravaganza!!
 (don't worry - he ducks under the doorways)
 Hanging out at the top of the stairs... (?)
 Reagan said she was going to draw a Bee.
I think she succeeded!
 Waiting so patiently to go sledding!!
(I decided against bringing my camera - for the
safety of myself and my children!)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Monster Truck: So Cool It's Scary.

Bracken's big gift from Santa was a
that drives super fast and kind of freaks them out a bit.
But, it's still a ton of fun.
 Cornered by MONSTER TRUCK!
 At least everyone is getting some good exercise!
(seriously, I should have bought one of these years ago)
 Bracken tries to step on MONSTER TRUCK!
 MONSTER TRUCK goes one way,
and they go the other...
 Making peace with MONSTER TRUCK.
 Hooray for beautiful Christmas weather!!