Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dinner with Mr. B

I don't think I am posting enough photos of my second child.
Because I am also a second child I feel the need to
remedy this with a post just for Bracken.
Here he is doing what he does best - EATING!
Looking impatient.
The menu... mixed veggies and sweet potatoes! YUM!
Looking concerned that the meal is already over...
Don't worry, buddy, theres plenty more where that came from!
...and this is how he thanks me.

Hippity Hoppity

We had a nice Easter weekend at home and
enjoyed Sunday service and brunch...
We remained stain-free for at least 20 minutes!
Not really wanting to take a photo...
...finally giving in.
Mr. B looking cute after his sis ditched him
to go play outside with her new Dora the Explorer
Watering Can and Trowel that she found in her basket.
Showing us how a bunny hops.
We had one lonely daffodil in the backyard to greet us.
...this shot taken just 20 seconds before
she tripped and fell in the mud!

Peace Out

I think Reagan is channeling Janis Joplin
in this getup. Her look is complete with
sunglasses, messy hair and her trusty radio
while organizing her sticker collection.