Friday, December 30, 2011

Monster Truck: So Cool It's Scary.

Bracken's big gift from Santa was a
that drives super fast and kind of freaks them out a bit.
But, it's still a ton of fun.
 Cornered by MONSTER TRUCK!
 At least everyone is getting some good exercise!
(seriously, I should have bought one of these years ago)
 Bracken tries to step on MONSTER TRUCK!
 MONSTER TRUCK goes one way,
and they go the other...
 Making peace with MONSTER TRUCK.
 Hooray for beautiful Christmas weather!!

Holiday Fun Part Two

Santa has come!!
 Not sure what is going on with the lighting
in some of these photos... it must be
the magic of the season.
 Think she likes it a little bit?
 He was ready to dig in!!
 The two special things on her list were
rocking chair and Lion King...
captured in one photo.
 "Take them out! Take them out!"
Bracken can be very demanding.
 His very own Ford F150 "Monster Ruck!!"
(just like PaPa Dave's truck except this one
is orange with ridiculously large wheels)
 Checking out his new Spider-Man, Batman
and Super-Man books from his stocking.
We had a wonderful Christmas
at home and hope you did, too!

Holiday Fun Part One

A few days before Christmas we traveled
south to visit PaPa Kenny & Grammie Carla
and celebrate with everyone.
 A cute shot of 3 out of the 5 grandkids...
Carly, Calvin, Reagan and the back of Drew's head.
 Hanging out before the gift exchange
with Aunt Laura and Uncle Matt.
 Reagan and Bracken open the first gifts...
 Carly and Reagan enjoying a
princess book by the fire.
 PaPa Kenny has his hands full!
 Calvin, happy to have a peaceful moment,
reads quietly before bed :)


So much to be thankful for...
for the Thanksgiving holiday we traveled
to quad cities so that Reagan and Stella
could roll around on pillows for an hour!
It was really sweet to watch...
 Stella surprising Reagan
 Great Grandma Judy reads a copy of
"The Night Before Christmas"
from when PaPa Dave was a little boy...
 Reagan's letter to Santa was intense.
(and very creative)
She asked for only two things:
1) Rocking Chair
2) The Lion King
Bracken had no interest in coloring (as usual).
 Licking the envelope.
 Building tents in the living room was pretty cool!
 Such a manly man...
 Uno is a new favorite!
(for Cinderella, too)