Monday, May 11, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

Lately our little comedian has really
been cracking us up. I want to remember
her sillier moments by actually
writing them down and sharing them...
1 - She thinks it is hilarious to call Daddy
by name...greeting him at the door with
"Hey David!"
2 - There are vinyl decal butterflies on her
wall in her room...she names them
every morning from biggest to smallest:
"mommyfly, daddyfly and reagyfly"
(I appreciate that mommyfly is the biggest these days...)
3 - She fake sneezes randomly at the dinner
table to get a laugh out of anyone present...
4 - Reagan is also aware of the country's
financial situation: the other day she pointed
at our license plate (which has the profile of
Abe Lincoln and is rectangular in shape)
and said, "Mommy! Money!"
...still wearing mommy's shoes...

A Popsicle's Demise...

Here we see Reagan in her natural
habitat (the backyard) demolishing a
popsicle on a lovely sunny day...
I think you can see why we chose to
enjoy our sweet treat outside that day...