Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Work Related Issues

If tiny hands ever snag your mouse... 
...this is where you might find it.

Refrigerator Gallery

Our monthly art show was held again last week...
the artist and her work.

"Reagan in Bed"

"Reagan wearing a necklace"
(very Picasso, isn't it?)

Daddy's work titled
"Spotted cat under a rainbow"

"Blue Butterfly"
(betcha couldn't guess that one, huh?)

(the horse from Toy Story)

"The queen with long hair"

Here is a pretty intricate little drawing that
I found one morning in her room.  She often draws
until she falls asleep at night. She said it was a picture of
Daddy (main figure), Baby Reagan (small figure
standing beneath him), Mommy (oddly shaped
figure in the middle), Payton our old cat (far left - awww :)
and the smiling sun and clouds. She also informed me
that Bracken could not be in the drawing
because he was at Grandma's house.
Hearing about her drawings are just as
fun as watching her do them (if not more).

February Flowers

Since we won't be seeing actual flowers
for at least another month we decided
to make our own...out of cupcake liners.
Which actually worked out quite nicely
since we only had four left in the tin...
(not enough for a batch of cupcakes
but enough for a bouquet of flowers!)

She has that crazy
"I have been cooped up in the house
for too long" look in her eye...

Bracken was pretty impressed by our craft.

Looking sweet.