Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday at GG and Pappy's House

What's Easter without PEEPS?
Stopping to smell the flowers...
(she's pulling a marilyn monroe on that vent!)
So excited about the chocolate in
her Easter Basket!
Helping Uncle Brad blow bubbles...
Posing with all the cousins...
Happy Easter Everyone!
From our lil' bunny...

Easter Fun!

Reagan spent Saturday drawing on the
front porch at David's Aunt Lisa's house -
She was occupied for at least an hour....Determined to pick up all the
chalk eggs at once...
On the hunt!
Taking a break with Daddy...
Helping Pappy and Daddy put
together her new Radio Flyer Wagon!A small friend joined her for
the inaugural ride...

Mommy's Helper

While baking Easter treats last
week Reagan helped by stealing the rubber
oven mits and running around the diningroom.