Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sprinkler! Sprinkler! SPRINKLER!

Yesterday was an especially balmy and slow day.
What else to do, but frolic in the sprinkler!?!
Bracken just couldn't wait and wiggled away
from me fully clothed... no swim trunks necessary.
He thought it was pretty hilarious.

Park! Park! PARK!

Last week we had a sunny, but still chilly Sunday...
perfect for a walk to the park at Washington School.
(the same school that Reagan yells at when
we drive by: "Mommy! That's where I am
going to school when I am a big guuuuuurl!!"

It's a super fast slide that we don't
recommend without a spotter...
 He digs slides.
 Kind of impressed she didn't fall through...
...this is her weekend hair...
She never lets me comb her hair unless
we are going to school, then it is
worthy of a proper ponytail and barrettes.
 ...not sure how Daddy got in there...
 She's in the doghouse (literally).
 Running with Daddy.
(check out all the gorgeous trees)
 Sitting for just a moment...
 We told Reagan to try to touch the net...
(gotta love her confidence)!
 Running with Mommy
(they are fast little buggers).
 ...not sure what's going on here...
 A bright and sunny photo!