Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Off the Charts

Happy 9 Month Birthday to Bracken today!
Keeping pace with his previous checkups
he weighs in at a solid 24.5 lbs and 30.5" long.
Bracken also likes peas and carrots
and enjoys long walks in his stroller.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holiday World Tour 2010

We had an awesome trip to Holiday World last weekend...
THANKS to Grammie Carla and PaPa Ken for treating us!
Holiday World was a great park for families and their
water park Splashin' Safari was huge and filled with fun.
It was a wonderful trip and we hope to return!
Looking touristy...
(perhaps Reagan was freaked out by the 9 ft. Santa?)
A shy smile...
Two wet little girls having lots of fun!
My favorite line of the weekend was from Carly
when I asked her if she knew what "Cousins" were...
after a few moments, her response: "Friends"
How sweet is that?
Me with Bracken looking hunky by the pool.
Santa's Cottages (highly recommend!)
Bracken and Drew hanging out on the floor.
Calvin and Reagan dropping a line in the water.
The whole gang!
(photo credit to Uncle Craig)
Daddy and Bracken enjoying some
air conditioning indoors.
Finding a spot to color...
Blowing bubbles
Eating S'mores!
(I think this photo gives you a sense of
how hot and humid it was that night!)
Relaxing on the swing.
What a great trip.

All Dolled Up

Reagan decided she wanted to be a princess last
week just before bedtime... so up the stairs she
went to put on her finest jewels, shoes and gown.
Isn't she lovely?
I think it's the hair that makes the outfit.
Bowing to the queen...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Say Cheese...

Aren't we just the cutest... ?
We had an awesome photo session with
our dear friend Meghan Allen a
few weeks ago on the ISU quad...
she did a spectacular job as always and
has an abundance of talent AND patience!
Click on the link below to
see more of my favorites!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fun in the Sun

I am exhausted. There are some parks
that have free water features open
to the public here in town. We visited many
last summer. This was my first visit by
myself with both of the kids.
I may pass the next time Reagan
asks me to go. Mommy needs a nap.
Mr. B was so intrigued by the water
shooting up from the ground!
(what you don't see in these photos is
Reagan sprinting away from me to
play on the playground next door -
let's just say that running, climbing and
very tall slides don't really mix
with wet suits and slippery flip flops...)

Basement Renovation Complete!

So...we finally have a basement!!
(correction - we always had one but not
one that anyone would want to spend
more than the time it takes to run downstairs to do
some laundry and hustle back up again...
it was a dark, smelly, 70's paneling,
musty, gross carpet, horror movie type place...)
I dug up some old photos from when we first
moved in to prove it...join me for a tour!
Before Stairwell.
(walls are not yellow - more greenish khaki)
Before laundry area (to the left of stairs hidden behind a lovely curtain)
Before - to the right of stairs)
After! (new play area originally was going
to be poker area... me and kids won this one...)
After. Really like our cutout...eventually
planning for a fooseball table on the closet side...
had to work around that darn support pole!
Before. Behind the stairs... (gross!)
After. (hooray!)
Even Walter Payton found a new home
and is happy to be out of his box...
The view you would have if you were to
spend an evening at the Bull residence...
(futon use is complementary and
included with your stay)

Monday, June 7, 2010

A Day at the Beach

Reagan's very first (public) performance for the Bloomington Parks
& Rec Recital was on Sunday! After 16 Saturdays of practice
the girls finally got their moment in the spotlight...
in front of a capacity crowd of 1300!
Our lil' beach baby is on the far left (please excuse the
poor videography - I'm a novice - I'll blame it on the
dark lighting, nosebleed section seating and that I had to
change seats mid performance! on earth do the "Little Miss Perfect" moms do it?!?)

Don't those smiles just melt your heart...?