Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Crazy Princess

Bummer! This first shot would have been really cute
had my lens not fogged up due to the insane humidity
and temperature change when I step outside...
but eventually it did clear up so I could snap
some Crazy Princess photos...

Two Kids in a Box

Nothing major to report. Here are some
photos of our kids in a box. It doesn't get much
more exciting than this! (but, even they can
make sitting in a box look like a whole lot of fun!)

Who is this Kid?

I know it has been awhile since I have posted,
but suddenly it seems Bracken has aged years.
David snapped this pic last week and
it caught me by surprise...
he suddenly looks like a little man!
Perhaps it is the serious smirk, faint hairline
or the racecar pj's? You be the judge...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Documentary: Behind the Doodles

Here is a behind the scenes look at Reagan in action
creating yet another masterpiece in magnets...
I had to be stealthy as any distractions, even the slightest
click of my shutter, would completely throw off
her creative process and she would have to begin again.
It's intense.

...and just like that, with a quick slide of hand,
it's over.


I think I am going to open a gallery of
MagnaDoodle Images drawn by Reagan...
(We can call it ReagnaDoodle)
Don't you think people would pay big bucks
for her abstract drawings?
The artist poses for the camera with one
of her magnificent creations!
This, she says, is our family...
not sure who the 5th person is, I think it might be the cat?

Pool Fun with the Bulls

Last weekend we went to visit GG and PaPa Bull
and spent the day in the pool!
Mr. B trying out his new fire engine...
Daddy getting splashed!
Floating by GG on her big girl raft
PaPa spotting Reagan as she swims BY HERSELF!
I think he had his fill of pool time.
Great Gma Judy and Gpa Earl
making sure he is comfy.
Refueling with a red velvet cupcake...
then back in the pool!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Bull Boys

I don't know if David would really like that I posted
a video of him and Bracken having some playtime on YouTube...
but it was too cute not to share!
(click on the link below - this was taken during some downtime
in our cabin at Holiday World a few weeks ago...)

Monkeying Around

Since the weather this week has been AMAZING
we headed to the zoo to check in
on our animal friends...
Feeding the fish
...but the REAL zoo was at McDonald's
where my silly monkeys were in rare form.
I thought this series of photographs was pretty funny.