Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Goofy Gal and Mullet Removal.

 Sometimes Reagan will offer a sweet smile
when I get my camera out... but for the most part
the faces I capture look like this:
 The best way to give a 1 year old a haircut?
Give him spaghetti for dinner and let him watch
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while you do it.
 Cleaned up the back and took out that weird
baby comb over on the crown of his head...
much better (and no tears)!

A Visit with the Muellers

Here are a few shots that I wasn't able to upload last week
from our visit to Nashville, TN to see the Muellers!
Grammie gets some stories in before bed...
 Calvin, Carly and Reagan "Touch a Truck"
at an event in the park (on a very hot day!).
 Fun sprinkler time!!
 Goofy (and wet) cousins Reagan and Carly.
 Showing off her new ladybug suit!!
 Who knows what Drew and Bracken are looking at... ?
 Bracken enjoying the swing (he's the serious type).
We had a blast and can't wait to
see you all again soon!

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Twilight Dance

It was an especially bright sunset and
I caught Reagan twirling and
playing with her shadow...

Popsicles in the Sun

A hot summer afternoon calls for a sweet cold treat!
They give each other "cheers" :)
He usually finishes it in 3 bites. 
 This is what David would look like with blonde hair:
 If she's gonna be outside we're gonna put her to work!
A sweet pose on her swing...
and all of a sudden she has aged 5 years?!?