Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmastime is Here!

So... we disagreed for weeks about whether we
should get a real or fake tree...
I voted for fake. Real trees are more work and
shed their needles. Given that we have a 1 year old
who likes to put everything in his mouth I presented
a very strong case against the choking hazard, and won.
So... we went and got ourselves a fake tree.
It sheds more than any real tree I have ever seen.
(I shake out the tree skirt outside every afternoon before
David comes home so I don't have to hear about it)

Bracken helping with the ornaments...
 ...and right in the mouth.
 Reagan straightens a snowflake.
 Our new tree in all of it's shedding glory!!!
 New stockings, too!
(this was my first attempt at iron-on
lettering and now I am hooked...
does anyone need anything spelled in
glittery silver 2" letters?)
 My favorite part of our decorations...
our mirror covered with cards and photos
from friends and family!!
First attempt at 10-second delay family photo.
 Second attempt at 10-second delay family photo.
(it was 8 seconds too long for Bracken)
There we go.

School Days...

Reagan seems to be doing well at school these days...
she tells me about her new friends and the
cool stuff that they do for crafts. The highlight of her day
is typically what they had for snack or if she gets to be
"Star Helper" for the day. Another big thing is the
"Show and Tell Bag" (for obvious reasons).
For the record, Reagan has had the Show and Tell Bag
twice and both times involved a Disney Princess
(Ariel and Jasmine were the chosen ones...)
Oh, how I would love to be a fly on that wall!

She is the youngest, just barely passing the
age cutoff by 2 weeks, but certainly not the shortest!
Here is a glimpse into her secret life
in the 3 year old room.
These photos were taken from the
Bright Beginnings website by the teachers who are
ultra cool and tech savvy!

This is the rice box.
(much easier to clean up than sand...clever!)
Snack time with the ladies...
 Big Builders.
(no, you aren't seeing double...
two of the TRIPLETS who just joined her class
are in this photo... can you even imagine?!?)
 Story Time.
(yes, that is my daughter with the plumber's crack)
 "See my tiny head poking out the back?"
(this is what she says when she looks at this photo)
They made pumpkins into spooky spiders!
This is a popular car in the room... I imagine it
causes lots of kids to be sent crying to the
"Try Again Chair"
(this is what they call the timeout chair...
I guess it has a more positive, christian ring to it ;)