Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Reagan and I decided to take advantage
of some sunny weather and melting snow
with a trip to the park on Sunday.
But, looks were deceiving because it
was COLDY! Had to warm up with
some hot chocolate (mommy's idea of course).
Pinky's Out...
Checking the fluid level.

Couch Time

What's this? They are both looking at
the same time? This is unheard of...
I think he is getting used to all the kisses...
he usually looks more annoyed.
Sweet Feet. Old man pants...
I tend to pull 'em up a little high
but he doesn't seem to mind.

Bumbo Fun

We have this foam seat known as the "Bumbo"
that is on loan from Abby...meant to
provide core support for babies
before they can sit up on their own.
But Reagan has a different idea and
uses it regularly. Bracken is finally big enough
and seems to enjoy the new view.
I believe their should be a height
or age requirement imprinted on the seat
...don't ask me how she
got her legs in there!
Reagan thinks this is hilarious

Ballerina School

The last two Saturday mornings Reagan and
I head off to "ballerina school" through
our local park district. It is designed
specifically for 2 year olds which is good
because at any given moment someone
could be having a meltdown or taking
frequent trips to the potty. Oh yeah, and
it is only 30 minutes long...about the attention
span of this age group. Any 3 year old in their
right mind would simply be bored with it!