Sunday, December 12, 2010

Random Reagan Photos

Because her princess dresses can't handle more
than a few washings (and they really took a hit the
last few weeks of potty training), I have decided
to let her wear the "good" dresses that she
likely won't fit into next year as play outfits.

This is Reagan caught doing her
"jump around the living room with my
tongue hanging out so far that you
can see my tonsils" dance.
(in this year's Easter dress)
 Enjoying spaghetti.
(in her summer dress from last year...
that is so tight we have to leave the back unbuttoned!)
 Helping to clean up after the
Gingerbread Extravaganza.
 Getting in some snow time with Daddy
in her new winter gear!
 Snow Bunny.
 Looking puzzled (though I am not sure why).

Gingerbread Fun

Last week we got all of our supplies together and
had our 2nd Annual Gingerbread House
Decorating Extravaganza!
 Hard at work.
(can you guess who's chubby hand
is poking out of the corner?)
 Stopping for a moment to pose with her creation.
(you may recognize the outfit from her "Beach Baby"
dance class performance last has become
a regular in her dress-up rotation)
 Done! (and delicious)
 Mr. B was a big help at the table.
(throwing things on the ground and reaching for
anything that is a choking hazard)
 He is licking his lips in anticipation and
cannot wait to get his hands on
this tasty looking house!