Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Holiday World Tour 2010

We had an awesome trip to Holiday World last weekend...
THANKS to Grammie Carla and PaPa Ken for treating us!
Holiday World was a great park for families and their
water park Splashin' Safari was huge and filled with fun.
It was a wonderful trip and we hope to return!
Looking touristy...
(perhaps Reagan was freaked out by the 9 ft. Santa?)
A shy smile...
Two wet little girls having lots of fun!
My favorite line of the weekend was from Carly
when I asked her if she knew what "Cousins" were...
after a few moments, her response: "Friends"
How sweet is that?
Me with Bracken looking hunky by the pool.
Santa's Cottages (highly recommend!)
Bracken and Drew hanging out on the floor.
Calvin and Reagan dropping a line in the water.
The whole gang!
(photo credit to Uncle Craig)
Daddy and Bracken enjoying some
air conditioning indoors.
Finding a spot to color...
Blowing bubbles
Eating S'mores!
(I think this photo gives you a sense of
how hot and humid it was that night!)
Relaxing on the swing.
What a great trip.

All Dolled Up

Reagan decided she wanted to be a princess last
week just before bedtime... so up the stairs she
went to put on her finest jewels, shoes and gown.
Isn't she lovely?
I think it's the hair that makes the outfit.
Bowing to the queen...