Friday, June 5, 2009


We had a younger friend visit us
this week for a playdate so I set up the
old Rainforest Jumparoo...
Let's just say the young friend
didn't get to use it much.
"What, too big?"
"I like it anyway, Mom."

Our Return to the CDM...

We joined some friends at the
Children's Discovery Museum on Tuesday.
It was a blast except when Reagan tried to remove
all the props and toys and take them with her.
She was not happy when I returned them.
I like her use of color here...
Hoping nobody will notice that she
snagged ALL of the pinwheels...
At least these were bolted on.Checking out at the supermarket.
(I hope she doesn't bag the mackrel
with the grapes...)
Fun in the water table.
(after refusing to wear her waterproof smock
- I think because it was blue)
Driving home from the market...