Thursday, April 30, 2009

A New Friend...

Reagan made a new friend last week
when our dear friend Julie welcomed
baby Blythe...I am trying to get
her used to other babies... She mostly
just points at them and informs the mother:
"Baby cry" or "Baby sleepy"
Which is good, at least I'll know what
is going on when #2 comes around...
Sweet Blythe napping in the sun...

A Pretty Day

Last week before we got all this rain
we actually had a few really nice days...
Reagan enjoys hanging out in the front
yard and picking up sticks.
Showing Payton some love...
Telling mommy that our muddy front yard
is "gross" and "ewwy"
(thank you, sweetheart we know and are
praying that the sod gods are good to us this year...)
Smelling the pretty flowers
Strike a pose, Vogue style...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our little artist is back at it again...

This is what happens when mommy has
a deadline and lets Reagan play by herself... least she helps clean them off... ...and then eats the sponge... tip: did you know that toothpaste and
a damp washcloth easily remove crayon?

NKOTB Lives On!

For those of you who were 13 anytime
between 1988-1993 you are likely
familiar with New Kids on the Block.

Reagan likes them too...
and we watch their old videos on YouTube!
(until she gets distracted by the cat)
See video below...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Sunday at GG and Pappy's House

What's Easter without PEEPS?
Stopping to smell the flowers...
(she's pulling a marilyn monroe on that vent!)
So excited about the chocolate in
her Easter Basket!
Helping Uncle Brad blow bubbles...
Posing with all the cousins...
Happy Easter Everyone!
From our lil' bunny...

Easter Fun!

Reagan spent Saturday drawing on the
front porch at David's Aunt Lisa's house -
She was occupied for at least an hour....Determined to pick up all the
chalk eggs at once...
On the hunt!
Taking a break with Daddy...
Helping Pappy and Daddy put
together her new Radio Flyer Wagon!A small friend joined her for
the inaugural ride...

Mommy's Helper

While baking Easter treats last
week Reagan helped by stealing the rubber
oven mits and running around the diningroom.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

In a Tight Situation...

Reagan loves to play on our bed...
and thinks it is hilarious to slide off the
end in between the mattress
and the footboard...until she realizes
she can't get out by herself.
Then its not so hilarious.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a little off the back, please....

Yes, it finally happened.
I snipped Reagan's tail off yesterday...
Daddy thinks she now looks "contemporary".
A tribute to my mullet baby...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Drywall & Dust

Ding! Round Two of basement renovations
commenced this past weekend...
Here is a recap: For anyone looking
for cheap wall coverings try the
pages of an atlas! (the previous owners did!)
At the bottom of the stairs, to your
left will be closed laundry, to your right
will be David's poker area...
Continue past the half wall and
you enter the foosball game room.
(which will more likely become the
children's play area - sorry daddy.)
...and towards the back will be
the TV room, likely complete with
comfy chairs, plenty of Bears memorabilia
and a sweet wall mounted plasma T.V.
(since I took away his foosball room and all...)
Thanks to Uncle Brad for spending
the weekend with us (again) and
offering his expert skills!
(Reagan already misses you!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Playtime with Abby & Ally

Our friend Abby was on break last week
so she brought Ally for a playdate!
Ally cheesing for the camera while
the girls relax a bit...
Wooden toys can be intense.
The chaos ensues...
Tickle time with Abby!

An Assortment of Photos...

Making silly faces...
Helping Daddy on the computer
(birdseye view)
Reagan's Syrup Style
(aka after breakfast she rubs her syrupy fingers
through her hair for that tossled bedhead look)
Playtime with Daddy's horsey from
when he was a kid at GG & Pappy's house