Monday, October 25, 2010

Bathroom Renovation Complete!

After 8 weeks and 2 contractors (long story),
our bathroom renovation is finally complete!
I know I am weird about this sort of thing,
but I get really excited when we actually
accomplish something at the house...
here is a look back at our progress.
The bathroom was the first room we swore
we would remodel when we moved in.
Here it is in all its glory circa 1992 (?)
(please contact the previous owners for exact date)
 Our "resurfacing" in 2004 (a.k.a. we spent all
of our money actually buying the house so the little
remaining we spent on paint and peel 'n' stick tiles).
 Fast forward to 2010 after having a falling out
with our first contractor who took 6 weeks
to do nothing, we hired a new one who
gave us a brand spanking
new bathroom in only 9 days!
 Little hands have already pulled down the
floating shelves once...we'll see how long they last.
 His and hers vanities (though I should call them
hers and hers since my stuff is in both).
 My favorite part of the remodel...
(besides not having moldy walls and a gross floor)
...are the faucets.
 The girls love the new tub.

The Great Pumpkin Patch

We enjoyed a nice autumn day with GG and PaPa and
headed to The Great Pumpkin Patch in Lyndon, IL.
They had some cool stuff for kids...
I think everyone's favorite was the train ride!
PaPa, Brad, Meghan and Stella (in the seat)
enjoy the ride!
 Taking a break to munch on her caramel apple.
 Bracken and PaPa getting a
better view on the hayrack ride.
 The whole gang Reagan, GG, David, Me,
Bracken, Stella, Brad and Meghan
(photo credit to PaPa)
 Stella thought the ducks were the coolest.
Can you tell how excited she was?
 Bracken checking out the goats.
 Feeding time for the alpacas.
 Mr. B looking studly by the pumpkins. 
 ...still working on that caramel apple...

Happy (early) Halloween

So maybe it is a week early...but we decided
to bring out the costumes for GG and PaPa Bull
this past weekend when we visited...
Reagan was telling Stella what she can expect for
her first Halloween... lots of candy, I am sure.
 Mr. B looking dapper
 ...making the prettiest pumpkin of all with GG
 Enjoying some floor time with Stella
(who knows what Uncle Brad is discussing,
but it must be intense based on these faces...)
 Bracken the King of the Jungle
dominates his activity table.
 Sitting Pretty.
He actually wore the hood for a solid 20 minutes.
He must know how awesome he looks in it.
 ...the lion can be tamed!
 Goofey Loofey.
(dig the pigtail flapping in the wind)

Monday, October 18, 2010

You've Got Mail.

Reagan often likes to get the mail, but she doesn't
often like to do it in her underwear and flipflops...
in October!
Poor girl didn't even realize mommy had
the camera in her hand when she went out.
(...these are sure to be photos that she will
hate me for in 10 years...)
 Mission accomplished!

Silly Monkeys.

It's rare that these three will sit for a photo together
without one of them screaming in protest.
These are for you, Grammie!
Calvin, Reagan and Carly being silly.

Happy 60th Birthday PaPa Ken!

PaPa turned 60 today, so this past weekend
we all decided to go home for a visit.
He definitely was the star of the show
and had 3 little ones glued to his side at all times...
definitely a full load on the paddle boat!
 Carly and Reagan show off their cattails!
Aunt Laura and Drew enjoy the view by the water.
 Helping open gifts...
   Snuggle time.
 "It took me 60 years to look this good!"
Dad is a t-shirt kind of guy...
 ...his own Slugger!
 Enjoying a beverage in the garage with Bracken
The girls hard at work.
All they needed was a pen and paper to keep busy...
and as luck would have it, the restaurant even
had a big fat pink marker! Score!
Coloring and "making books"
Fast asleep 10 minutes out of the driveway...!
(yes, Reagan still stuffs her blankies in her mouth)