Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Knock on the Door...

David and I got to take a little getaway this past weekend
to Door County, WI without diaper bags (or kids)!
Just boarded the ferry to Washington Island.
Nice, huh?
Doesn't he looked relaxed?
One of the many stops on our bike trek
(since there was nobody around to snap a pic,
I used a twig to set up this shot - first try!)
The small white speck is David.
I was out for a leisurely bike, but he has
to make everything into a competition.
YUM! Breakfast at my new favorite Al Johnson's!
Meatballs? For breakfast? Yes, please.
The wait staff's outfits were complete with wooden clogs. they had goats on their roof.  What could be better?
Scenes from our guided boat tour...
David thought it would look
more nautical if he popped his collar.
Bon Voyage!