Friday, May 27, 2011

Fishin' with PaPa

I had a few baby showers to attend
last weekend so we got to spend lots of time
with Grammie Carla and PaPa Kenny.

PaPa and Reagan caught a fish about every two minutes.
Unfortunately, I don't have the same memories of
having this much success while fishing with Dad.
I do recall it being very hot and boring.
I guess he has been practicing!! ;)
They got another one...whahoo!
Good thing PaPa is a pro! 
 Bracken even got to touch the slimy fish.
 Playing with tractors and semi trucks
all weekend long...
 Coloring lovely pictures for Grammie!
 Puzzle time with Great Grandpa Larry!
 A snuggle with Great Grandma Loretta.
(although Reagan calls her
Great Grandma Beretta - like the car)
 I thought this was a peculiar face.
Wonder what she is thinking...?

Last Day of School

It is hard to believe Reagan's first year
of preschool is already over... I imagine the
coming years will fly by just as fast!
I was reprimanded for taking photos on the
first day of school, but apparently there
are different rules for the last day! :)
 Mrs. Betty gets a big hug...
 Reagan even took a photo with me!
(this is a rarity without some silly face)
 I am pretty sure we caught a nose-picker on the far left.
 Reagan and Lennon
(they are holding hands, it was the cutest)
 Mrs. Deb says goodbye!
 We will get to see a lot of Mrs. Betty
this summer...she is our neighbor!
Here they come!
(does anyone spot the twin to my
niece Carly in this photo?)
The brothers had a spectacular time watching the parade.
 Waving like a 4 year old...
(she is sooo ready for school next year ;)