Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Cuteness

The best seat in the house.
What a silly face. Not sure what
she was doing, but it made Daddy laugh.
(I think that was the point)
Big helpers folding the laundry.
Bracken's first carousel ride at the zoo!
(we call him "The Boss" when he wears his jumpsuit
...he looks especially tough riding a large bunny)
Sitting Pretty.

First Day of Skewl.

We had our first day of preschool last Thursday!
(or, as Reagan pronounces it "skewl")
She has been talking about it for days
and was so excited to finally get to go!
Showing off the princess pack.
Being goofey loofey.
(Yes, I actually took this photo, I am that mom...)
Putting away her backpack with the
help of Mrs. Betty (who also happens to be
our next door neighbor, pretty cool!)
This shot I stole while waiting outside the door
to pick her up. Me and the other moms were
scolded for "hovering" in the doorway in plain sight.
(I wasn't alone, I swear!)
Next time, we have to wait in the hallway.