Saturday, February 5, 2011

80 Candles

We celebrated Great Grandpa Earl's
80th Birthday a few weeks ago...
Naturally, he had a Chicago Bears' themed party.
 Daddy and Bracken enjoying cake.
  Bracken found a new friend to drool on.
(cousin Nayte didn't mind at all...)
 Stella looking as cute as ever!
 I actually got this face when I said "smile for mommy!"
Fast forward to when she is 14
and I say something that she thinks is lame...
I have a feeling I'll be seeing this face again!
 Daddy has his hands full.
 Earl and Bracken comparing trucks.
Having his cake and eating it, too!
 We love you Grandpa Earl & Grandma Judy!

Lazy Days

Cheesin it up after school...
 She thought this was pretty funny!
 Spaghetti Night.
(you can see why we removed his shirt)
When we pulled him away from the table his lap
was filled with noodles...which he then
picked up and kept eating!
 Apparently he didn't get enough spaghetti.
  Powdered Donuts.
(need I say more?)
Out little comedian thinks it is pretty funny
to sit on the princess stool (we think so, too).
 Yep, I am smitten.

Blizzard of 2011

We got lots of snow this week.
It has been a week of lazy afternoons, naps and movies.
Daddy even had 2.5 days off of work so
it has felt like a weekend in the middle of the week!
Our steps were snow covered along with
our poor bushes that sag to the ground unhappily
under the weight of the snow. I get why roofs
are collapsing - this stuff is heavy!
 Our kind neighbors snow blow our sidewalks! 
 Looking sort of happy about being
in the snow (this is just before he fell over).
Bracken does not care for the snow.
 Reagan is, however, a little snow bunny
and would stay out all day if we let her.
 The photo above reminds me of someone...
the snow bunny of 2009! 
No wonder the poor guy doesn't like
being outside - he can't see!!